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 Healthy and tasty

  Ever since 1938, Orskov Foods A/S

  has purchased, processed and resold fruits,

  berries, juices and other healthy products

  to the food industry and to retailers.


Orskov Foods in Denmark



This is where our head quarter is placed along with our production plant of fresh fruit. Our focus is mainly storage, packaging and distribution of apples and pears.


The plant handles annually about 10,000 tonnes of apples and pears and about 500 tonnes of fresh strawberries. Some of these are sold as private label - others are sold under the brand Ørskov Frugt.


Watch this link where our local media came to visit:




The production consists of two product areas: frozen berries and berry purees for industry and fruit and berry juices which are partly distributed to industry cliants and partly used in our own production for retail. Our own products for retail are sold under the brand names Ørbæk Mosteri, Ørbæk Most, Din Fynske Frugthave, Pærfekt and Årets Ævlerov.


The production is almost exclusively based on Danish raw materials. The plant handles about 10,000 tonnes of fruit and berries annually.



Storage facilities for apples.



orskov foods Oure

Orskov Foods, Oure


orskov foods Ørbæk

Orskov Foods, Ørbæk



Orskov Foods, Kværndrup

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