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  Ever since 1938, Orskov Foods A/S

  has purchased, processed and resold fruits,

  berries, juices and other healthy products

  to the food industry and to retailers.


Orskov Foods S.A


The production in Poland was established in 1990 and is 100% owned by Orskov Foods A/S. We have three production sites in Poland; Zajezierze, Czaplinek & Maków. The facilities hold several certifications, all of which you can find here.



Zajezierze (South East Poland)


The plant in Zajazierze handles all types of berries grown in Poland. Zajazierze supplies frozen raw materials to the plant in Czaplinek. Around 8,000 tonnes a year are frozen and stored and then delivered throughout the year to Czaplinek for the final packing.



Czaplinek (North West Poland)


The plant handles all types of berries from Poland. Furthermore a great deal of vegetables like frozen onions, tomatoes and pumpkins are produced here. The annual quantity of fruits, berries and vegetables produced here reaches about 25,000 tonnes which is distributed to the European foods industry and food services.



Maków (South East Poland)

The latest member of the Orskov Foods Poland family. The plant was taken over in 2021. The facility has a huge capacity of IQF freezing and cold storage, and the range of products produced are all types of berries produced in Poland, and selected types of vegetables. The facility is capable of blanching products prior to freezing.



For more information, please visit www.orskovfoods.pl


orskov foods Zajezierze

Orskov Foods Zajezierze


orskov foods Czaplinek

Orskov Foods Czaplinek










Orskov Foods Maków

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