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 Healthy and tasty

  Ever since 1938, Orskov Foods A/S

  has purchased, processed and resold fruits,

  berries, juices and other healthy products

  to the food industry and to retailers.




Our Chilean site was founded in 2012, built in the 7th region 'Maule', that has a long tradition for growing fruit, vegetables and berries of high quality. Here, all types of berries grown in Chile are sorted and frozen on site.

The high quality as well as the good infrastructure, giving both the advantages of quick securing and cooling of raw materials and easy dispatching of finished products, made the decision of this location come natural.


The annual quantity of approximately 5,000 tonnes is distributed to the American and European food industry.


The facility holds several certifications - all of which you find here.


For more information on our Chilean site, please visit




orskov foods Chile

Orskov Foods Chile

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