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Modern and versatile production.
Frozen berries 
are Orskov Foods’
main area of business.


Juice products


Since the beginning of 1938 we have done our best to make the most delicious juices in the world - based solely on nature's own qualities.

The ambition with our apple juice and fruit juices is to produce quality products with an honest taste of natural ingredients only. Our apple juice contains apples. Nothing else. The same goes for the many other fruit juices we make. It provides an incomparable authentic taste. You can see a selection of the fruit juices we produce here.

Fresh and ripe fruit in liquid form - for retail and industry

At Orskov Foods, we can deliver exactly the solution that suits you and your needs. We have the entire value chain in-house; from handling raw materials, pressing and storage on tank or frost to bottling in cartons, PET or glass bottles in many different sizes. We offer the total solution or part of it - depending on your needs. And we also supply the industry with our high quality juices.


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