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 Healthy and tasty

  Ever since 1938, Orskov Foods A/S

  has purchased, processed and resold fruits,

  berries, juices and other healthy products

  to the food industry and to retailers.


Our Danish brands


In Denmark, we have several brands. All are sold in Danish retail.

They share a story of marvellous, ripe apples. Grown in the rich Danish soil.


Even though the Danish weather is not as good as countries south of our borders. We have an advantage. Our changing climate provides sun, heat, cold and rain resulting in a slow development. And this creates the basis for a completely unique balance between the apples' taste, color, acidity and sweetness. The result is a great taste experience with every bite.


Our brands are made from discarded premium 1 apple, grown in professional orchards. Even though the apples are bumped and has flaws that makes them unsuitable for retail as fresh fruit - they still provide great taste. And they make a remarkable apple juice. 


Read more on www.ørbækmosteri.dk


Our brands consist of:


Ørbæk Mosteri

Made from a variety of delicious Danish apples

- most of them from local farmers on East Funen. 



Ørbæk Most

Our original brand made from different apple sorts when they are just ripe.



Årets Ævlerov

Made from garden apples, delivered to us in the fall, in exchange for our apple juice. Something, we have done since 1938 - where it was custom to help people extend life of the garden apples - to make most of the food people had.



Din Fynske Frugthave 

Made solely from Funen apples.




Made from discarded, uneven, bruised apples in order to create awareness of the possibilities one withhold - even though one is not like everyone else.





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