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Orskov Foods


Modern and versatile production.
Frozen berries 
are Orskov Foods’
main area of business.


Our values


The values in Orskov Foods are basic and considered the most unchanging in

the company. They cover both existing core values in the company and aspects

that will contribute to the development of the company's culture.


  • We have a high level of professionalism and pride in our products.
  • We build expertise in what we work with.


  • We are flexible to find the right solution.
  • We create value for all concerned.

Word keeping

  • We consider an agreement an agreement.
  • We work long-term.

Relationship building

  • We have long-standing relationships with employees, suppliers and customers.
  • We communicate about our company, its history and the products.
  • We say things as they are.

Our vision

"We want to be an attractive and valued workplace as well as a credible partner for our customers and suppliers so that everyone can reap the benefits of our collaboration."

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